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Er.Anant Kumar Soni

Mr. Anant Kumar Soni is presently holding a reputed designation at AKS University, Satna as as Pro Chancellor and Chairman. He is also a Chairman of Private Universities Welfare association, Madhya Pradesh and a Member of Centre For Education, Growth & Research. His qualification is M.Sc. (Computer Science) and he is better known for his high quality IT skills. He is an innovator cum edupreneur with immense capacity of motivating human resources for desired results. He is a social entrepreneur and mentor of large number of social projects. He started his journey with Rajiv Gandhi group of institutions but now apart from it, he is the Chairperson of AKS University, Satna. These institutions of learning exemplify the group’s mission to promote quality technical and higher education. Born on 3rd September 1971, He comes from a humble background. Son of Sh. B. P. Soni, a District Satna, Madhya Pradesh, he nurtures a sense of pride in his roots that lie in the great tradition and glorious history of Vindhya Region. He strongly believes that the young generation is truly sincere, dedicated and keen to adopt new practices of blended teaching- learning model. They can enter any challenging arena and achieve success if they receive focused attention, inspiring atmosphere and a bit of extra care. He always likes to discuss with the students the purpose of education, which, according to him, is not merely to pass examinations after learning a few facts and acquiring some skills, but to understand the complexity of life. He urges the students to appreciate their role in the creation of a ‘new’ world that will exist without fear, conflict or contradiction. This can be achieved only if ‘right education’ is provided in an atmosphere where intelligence and goodness could be nurtured without any fear. He works round‐the‐clock with determination, dedication, discipline and devotion, and to him, ‘work is worship’. A strong believer in team work, he ensures the involvement of all team members in the process of decision making. He takes up all assignments with great enthusiasm and shoulders the responsibility for the outcome of all decisions. He loves to work with the young generation so as to help them emerge as confident, responsible and self‐reliant citizens of India in future.